What are the advantages of precision medicine and the Precision Medicine Initiative?

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Precision medicine is known to be very beneficial to any individual’s healthcare needs.

Following are some of the potential benefits of precision medicine:

  • Access to patient’s genetic information by doctors to enable them to provide long-term medical care.
  • Better approach to finding out the underlying mechanisms behind the occurrence of various diseases.
  • Develop personalized patient-centric treatments.
  • Improved assimilation of patient data in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for easy access to doctors and researchers.

Some of the other advantages of the Precision Medicine Initiative are listed below:

  • Use and design of new tools for creating, analysing, and sharing medical data in a big way.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of patient’s data maintained in a better way.
  • Opportunity for more number of people to participate and contribute to new researches.

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