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How can I be sure a genetic test is valid and useful?

Genetic testing in a research setting is done to discover unknown genes, develop novel tests for future clinical use by learning how genes function, and furthering our knowledge on genetic disorders. These test results are not made available to the health care providers or patients themselves. Clinical genetic testing is done to assess the presence or absence of a genetic disorder. The test results are handed to the patients and it helps them make informed decisions about suitable medical care and family planning.
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Is hair texture determined by genetics?

Hair texture is largely governed by genetics. Genes play a role in determining if a person has straight, curly, or wavy hair and even the thickness of hair strand is controlled by genetic factors. For example, the polymorphic forms of the two genes, EDAR and FGFR2, is said to control the differences in thickness of hair among Asian populations. While polymorphism in TCHH gene, is responsible for differences in hair texture in people of north European descent.

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