What happens during a genetic consultation?

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Genetic consultation is an appointment or meeting with a genetic counsellor.

It can begin by asking the individual questions about:

  • Their personal medical history
  • Family history of genetic disorders, especially of cancer illness; and the number of miscarriages, stillbirths in case of pregnancy

Counsellor will also do the following:

  • They can ask and look at the results of cancer screening tests and begin to draw your family tree that would include at least 3 generations
  • Counsellor may recommend genetic tests or other screening tests
  • They will look at ultrasounds or prenatal tests in case of pregnancy genetic counselling
  • They will educate the individual/patient about their possible outcomes
  • They will talk about what can be done and the treatment options
  • They will provide support and resources

Knowledge Plus

Benefits of Genetic Counselling include the following:

  • Increased understanding with genetic screening tests that identify the genetic condition
  • Early intervention
  • Timely suggestion of screening tests
  • Decision-making in treatment

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